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  • CBD Vape Set

    Special Offer to Introduce URVape’s New CBD Vape For those of you who haven’t tried it, CBD is one of nature’s natural bodyguards. CBD is shown to lessen anxiety and paranoia, as well as being a natural anti-inflammatory. It occurs in nature in the hemp and cannabis plants. Hemp has been grown for centuries to clean-up toxic soils for growing other crops. CBD keeps the toxins absorbed by the plant from killing it. CBD in Cannabis plants protects and preserves the THC (the psychoactive component of Cannabis). CBD itself is not psychoactive, and is legal in all states. Our blend of CBD for Vaping is made only from Hemp plants, and contains only pure, natural ingredients. Because this is an introductory offer, we are limiting purchases to the first 500 orders on our website. Once you try it (we know you’ll love it), we will be selling the oil in medical, herbal essence bottles for your purchase and enjoyment. Learn More

  • URvape Oil Vaporizer Pen Set

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    Set Includes:

    • 1 Powerful Slim Battery 280mah Battery with Stylus
    • 1 Atomizer
    • 1 Wireless USB Charger
    • 2 Refill Bottles
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