URVape's First Product

We chose to introduce ourselves to the world with this particular vaporizer pen because it is, thus far, the best all around oil pen we have ever used. It has a discreet, sophisticated design, is easy to fill, and even easier to use.

URVape Portable Oil Vaporizer Pen

NO buttons, NO dials, Just Breathe..



And Now URVape has developed SafeVapeTM Technologies

While receiving many complements on our original e-pens, URVape discovered that the marketplace was populated by pretenders who were selling devices and e-liquids that, when heated into vapor and inhaled, could chemically change into harmful and toxic ingredients .

URVape decided to take on leading the Vaping industry with Satisfying and Safe products. Through microbiological and materials engineering, URVape has developed a new line of devices and e-liquids, beginning with our CBD ORIGINAL e-liquid, to be followed shortly by more products which are currently in the final stages of pre-manufacture. URVape also recognized that regulators are positioning to enter the Vaping marketplace. As a result URVape has developed manufacturing and product standards that will be in compliance with what we believe the regulations may require. URVape intends to be The most Satisfying and Safest Vaping Anywhere.

We are always open to suggestions from the community. Let us know how to be URVape.